About Us

Our Golf Club is dedicated to ensuring that our Guests have the best possible golfing experience and stay on our premises. In order to maintain the condition of the golf courses and for reasons of safety, convenience and comfort, the rules of the Club and golf etiquette must be followed at all times.
Golf is the game of ladies and gentlemen, so golf etiquette and rules dictate a strict, discreet style of dress, respect for your partner and respect for the course. Etiquette is part of golf tradition, but it is also important for safety.

Golf carts are a small but thoughtful means of transportation. Golfers at least 16 years old with driving skills are allowed to drive themselves. The club may cancel golf carts on the grass due to inclement weather or farming operations. Each golf cart is designed for two players. However, if a player playing with another player wishes to take the cart for himself/herself only, an additional golf cart may be provided with the Club's permission. While the golf cart is in motion, passengers are required to ride seated only.