Golf Club

For all those who want to play golf outdoors, a new opportunity has opened up - our club provides a golf course for rent. Our coaches will help beginners to learn the basic skills of this fascinating game that combines sports and recreation in just a few lessons.

Golf is not just one of the popular sports, it is a game with history, a favorite pastime of aristocrats and a fine art, which everyone can master today. All those who are not indifferent to this fascinating hobby have a wonderful opportunity to combine work and pleasure - to play golf in a magnificent place, charming landscapes and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

The Golf Club is the ideal place for those who want to learn the intricacies of the game and are making their first steps, as well as for those who are already golf professionals. Choose the leisure option, which is preferable for you, and get a lot of pleasure from an unforgettable recreation in front of a pristine nature.

For professionals and beginners

The modern Golf club provides a golf course for rent that will meet all your needs and will be suitable for both professionals and beginners. The vast area of the golf center in Kiev is divided into 4 practice areas:

Driving range is a 260 meters long training ground, designed for practicing strokes on the accuracy and range. It is suitable for the simultaneous presence of 22 people.
Chipping green - a place for practicing medium and short chips with three practice holes. Its area is 200 square meters.
Two practice sand bunkers, which are necessary for honing ball strokes from the sand (short or long distances).
Putting green is a practice area where the final shot of the game is practiced. 

Golf lessons from the professionals

To immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the sport of the true aristocrats, you can attend golf lessons from experienced professionals within the Golf Academy. A professional golf trainer will tell you about the essence of the game and let you master its basic skills. After a few lessons you will not only be able to hit the ball into the hole clearly, but also enjoy the game of golf, which combines sports and recreation.

The Golf Club has absolutely everything you need, including:
Putting green practice area;
Chipping green with an area of 200 square meters;
sand bunker;
A 260 m long Driving range;
3D simulator for honing your skills;
A mini-golf course.
To make an appointment and find out all the information about the Golf Academy (prices, schedules, etc.), please contact the managers of the Golf Club by using the contacts indicated on our site.


Rue des Peupliers, 38280 Villette-d'Anthon, France